Service and IT Outsourcing

For a majority of companies, IT is not among their key business lines, and, in fact, is provided by a service which meets the requirements of the principal business. In such circumstances, outsourcing of the IT functions to specialised IT companies becomes topical.

Outsourcing of non-core IT functions allows to reduce the costs of IT while increasing the overall reliability. Similar results are achieved primarily by:

  • increasing the transparency of the IT processes;
  • reducing the risks associated with IT;
  • quality of the provided services which are guaranteed by contracts (SLA, Service catalogues);
  • possibilities of opting for the best practices and best service suppliers;
  • absence of indirect expenses for hiring own IT staff and internal support of infrastructure solutions.



Krikunov and Partners Business Systems has wide experience in outsourcing individual IT functions and substitution of the key specialists by lease, as well as entire IT services and corporate hardware infrastructures. We are ready to help to determine the reasonable levels of outsourcing and offer the relevant services in the following areas:

  • Outsourcing of IT service personnel
  • Outsourcing of technological infrastructure
  • Outsourcing of business application support
  • Building of call centres