IT consulting

Information technology is an integral part of business nowadays. The level of information system development in the company almost certainly directly or indirectly influences its competitiveness.

As their business develops, companies often come to a point when their IT infrastructure is no longer capable of supporting the overall growth of the company and becomes a "weakest link". Therefore, it is critical to update the IT in view of the potential growth of the business.


Alignment between the capabilities of the corporate systems and peculiarities and needs of the company will guarantee return on the investment into IT development.


Is the achieved level of automation adequate for the business needs?
Is the IT management structure efficient?
How optimal are the structure and amount of the investment into IT?
Which out of the possible IT solutions are the most adequate for the operations of the company?


 The team of consultants of Krikunov and Partners Business Systems will help you find answers to these and other questions to avoid many hidden dangers in building a competitive and strong IT service that meets the actual requirements of your business.


 Our company has unique experience in implementing complex and custom-made projects involving provision of consultancy services in the field of information technologies in the following areas:

IT strategy
- IT strategy
IT audit
Implementation of ITSM
- Implementation of ITSM
Implementation of Open Source technologies
- Implementation of Open Source technologies