Analytical systems

Information systems designed to automate the basic regular business processes every day to handle large volumes of transactional data. To the company's management was able to use these data in strategic planning, needs multivariable and multivariate analysis of the primary data.


For the analysis of the primary transactional information accumulated in the systems of enterprise management (for example, in the ERP-system), are business application class Business Intelligence (BI).


Our company has assembled a unique team of top class professionals, specializing in BI-systems. Our customers we are ready to offer a solution to SAP Business Warehouse (BW), as well as consulting services in the field of implementation of analytical systems.


We recommend a solution SAP BW as a product that meets the most stringent requirements put forward in the implementation of strategies aimed at long-term success:


  • The complex nature of analytical reports
  • Improve the adequacy of management decisions
  • Improving the efficiency of investment
  • Integration
  • Openness
  • Extensibility
  • Personalization
  • High reliability