Mobile Solution ForSaGe


ForSaGe – is a unique mobile solution for business process management in FMCG and Retail companies



ForSaGe – is a modern multifunctional solution for business process automation and by the means of mobile devices. A unique feature of ForSaGe is an ability to get integrated with already existing business-systems, which doesn't have their own mobile client.


History of ForSaGe

  • Product ForSaGe was developed by JSC “KPBS” in 2012,  based on more the 10 years implementation and support experience of Mobile CRM systems for internationals customers. The brightest example is an implementation of CAS CPWerx system in AB Inbev, which was made by JSC “KPBS”.
  • As a result we have developed a reliable mobile solution, with a reach set of features in comparison to already existing on a market solutions.


Components of ForSaGe

  • Flexible and Powerful mobile platform. ForSage, a multifunctional mobile platform has a wide range of business-features, which allow to automate nearly all of the business-processes.
  • Integration platform. ForSaGe is using SIS integration bus –  another KPBS product, which allow ForSaGe mobile client to get connected to nearly reach of  business-systems. 
  • Reporting. ForSaGe reporting system allows to generate of any complexity, based on consolidated data from all the system which are connected to ForSaGe.



ForSaGe core functions


Analytical reporting

report forsage


Price monitoring

prices forsage


Task execution

acts forsage

- Field visit workflow automation

- Order taking

- GPS tracking

- Training: distant users training

- Stocks taking

- Goods return

- Marketing program tracking

- Price monitoring

- Equipment management / Inventory (Barcode, RfID)

- Facing tracking

- News / Advertisement channel

- POC actions tracking

- Device management (Application & Network control)  

- Shelf recognition (planned for 2013)

- Complex Online reporting

Custom modules (by customer request)


GPS forsage


Master data

Data forsage


News / Advertisement channel

mobile news forsage



Business process management using ForSaGe


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