Enterprise Support KPBS

Enterprise application support level




  •  24х7 or 9х5 service desk
  • 2 Support Office: Moscow and Omsk
  • The ability to produce a support in different time zones in Russia
  • Single point of contact for all queries (SPOC), including requests by RTE, Telecom, H / W, applications
  • Full range of services to the highest standards ITIL: Incident Management, problems, releases, changes, etc.
  • Big set of powerful tools automation support and monitoring
  • Monitoring of all the important elements of the systems (more than 100 parameters of systems in 24x7. Additional monitoring parameters: equipment, RTE, applications, business processes)
  • High degree proactively: 70% incidents detected monitored before their user will see


Classic 3-level model of support


Ent sut

  • Regular activity for preventing failures
  • The actual implementation of SLA 99%
  • The company currently supports KPBS systems that are in more than 120 cities in 7 time zones
  • More than 550 servers support


Enterprise support KPBS

Currently KPBS support system located more than 120 regions.
KPBS is in support of more than 450 servers.
The model used does not require the support of experts local

  • 2 Support Office: Moscow and Omsk
  • CRM systems for 24x7 monitoring of ~ 100 parameters (HW, RTE, App, errors in business data).
  • Registration problems 24x7
  • Reaction to the urgent problems of 24x7
  • First line support 24x7 (85% of incidents)
  • Second line support 24x7 or 12x5.
  • Work in 11 time zones in Russia
  • Complete set of standard ITIL services: managing incidents, problems, releases, changes and so on.
  • Unified system for recording and tracking of incidents for all components of the solution: software, infrastructure, telecom, vendors


We have much experience - in the company InBev we are responsible for all possible incidents SFA: software, RTE, telecom equipment, communication with Distributors. Large set of tools for automating customer support and monitoring.

The main priority of support services - reducing the number of incidents and increase system stability

Pro-active and competent personnel (fast search of solutions, flexibility)
99% satisfied SLA (practical results)


Enterprise Support KPBS: work demands, regular work, monitoring.


The decision requests

  • Decision incidents. Including the use or development of a workaround (in the case where the root problem persists)
  • Search root problems (root causes) of incidents
  • Binding to the root causes of incidents and classification
  • Performing service requests (assigning roles, permissions, configuration changes, etc.)


Regular work

The main purpose of regular work - to reduce the risk of subsequent incidents, as well as to simplify the subsequent decision.

  • Timely servicing infrastructure
  • Convolution databases and routine maintenance of databases
  • Backups
  • Analysis of the root causes in order to prepare solutions
  • Adjustment of monitoring parameters for an early identification of emergency
  • Management of all processes supporting



The main purpose of monitoring - detect problems or emergencies before the user will see them or they cause serious damage. In service KPBS available:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and RTE
  • Monitoring the availability of the application
  • Monitoring of standard business processes
  • Up to 70% determined by monitoring incidents before the user will see them as


We have developed and implemented in 5 large companies own methodology implementing improvements automated systems


  • Very effective in refining mission-business systems with short cycles upgrades
  • 100% transparency of the process for project managers
  • Budget control at each stage
  • Formal criteria for testing and acceptance of the result of work


For 12 years the company has successfully KPBS supports almost all critical business systems company Anheuser-Busch Inbev, distributed in more than 100 cities in Russia:

  • CRM / SFA system
  • ERP for direct sales
  • Infrastructure
  • BI Analytics
  • Web-portal


At the same time, a range of systems supported by very strict SLA (2 hours on the decision of the incident, the service desk 24x7)
KPBS Company is the only one contractor who has never made ​​a failure of shipments of Anheuser-Busch Inbev due to the unavailability of the system (shipment breakdowns occur when even a small excess solution time incidents)


Also, KPBS company provides development and support in the following companies


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