Company Background

The Krikunov & Partners Group was established by Andrey Krikunov in 1996 with the aim of providing quality services to large-size companies and organisations. 


Initially, the focus of the Group was on legal and auditing services. Later on, the successful development of the business lead to an expansion of the range of services by establishing new companies within the Group, including the company "Krikunov and Partners Business Systems" in 1999.


Right from the start of its operation, the company has been focusing on providing services to large and successful organisations. Such customers have exceptionally high requirements towards their suppliers, but, in return, they provide opportunities to be involved in large-scale and interesting projects.
The customers include such organisations as the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies, and Liquidation of Consequences of Natural Disasters of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport, dozens of the largest Russian industrial and transportation companies, international corporations and enterprises.

A tough test of the organisational and technical solutions offered by Krikunov and Partners Business Systems was the power emergency in Moscow on 25 May 2005 (the so-called Moscow Blackout) involving power cut-off in the central and southern districts of Moscow for almost an entire day. The failure resulted in shut-down of the main Russian MMR (the М9) and all server systems installed at the site, along with many other critically important server sites, such as that of Mikoyansk Meat Processing Plant, which is the largest in Russia.

Our experts were able to assure switching these servers on and full recovery of all complex information services within 30 minutes of the recovery of power supply. At the M9 site, our server systems were fully operational before the systems of all other providers.


Since year 2008, the key strategic line of the company has been development of its own products (Lynx, SIS, ForSaGe, and business automation monitoring systems) and development of custom-made software for the particular needs of the customer.


The largest successful implementation of the CAS system in Russian and the world at the company "SAN InBev", including mobile applications for PDA (111 servers, 3,500 users), occurred in 2009.