About the Company

Nowadays, business strongly depends on information technologies. In some sectors, such as banking and finance, the very existence of the company depends on quality and failure-free operation of information systems.


Our mission and company vision include offering high-quality IT services to companies and organisations. The experience accumulated during the many years of operation puts us in a position of understanding the needs and expectations of large and medium-size businesses to offer them the required quality at a reasonable price.


In our work, we follow the principles of building long-term, friendly, and trusting relationships with the customer. When taking up a project to build any information system, we immediately think about the serviceability of the system not only immediately after the commissioning, but also several years after that, and also about component updates and crash recovery.


All this requires profound expertise and experience and allows us to make items which operate just the way they should and which we are truly proud of.


The qualifications of dozens of our experts are proved by IBM, CAS, Oracle, Tivoli, SAP, MCSE, 1C and other certificates. Customer system management is performed by certified Unix administrators and computer safety specialists.