Industry and Transport

One of the most essential strategic development lines of our company is services to transportation, engineering, and metallurgic companies.


Our solutions are primarily targeted at increasing the efficiency of company operations, improvement of administrative and control processes, and, consequently, improvement of the financial results of the company.


Realising the importance of industrial specialisation, we are actively developing the industrial expert examination and offering solutions for handling critically essential tasks companies face in their operations.


The sectors of transportation and cargo carriage are facing more complex circumstances. Substantial changes are expected in these sectors in the next stage of economic development.


The issue of reducing expenses is currently as critical as never before. It is of utmost importance to increase the efficiency of the relationships with the customers. It is even more essential to assure consolidation and partnership from bottom to top, along the entire supply chain. It is critically important to increase the efficiency of assets and funds management.


We offer the following products for the companies operating in the sectors of industry and transportation:


Our customers include: